Legal sports betting in west virginia by summer? •

Alan Larrick, West Virginia Lottery Director, revealed that he’s confident that sports betting could be working at the state’s five casinos within 90 days of a favorable ruling from the US Supreme Court.

The state is discussing the possibility in order to be ready in case the federal ban on sports betting gets lifted.

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“In a perfect world, we could hopefully be up and running by late summer,” Larrick said after Wednesday’s Lottery Commission meeting. He added that the Lottery is working as if the court has already given the approval for sports betting, and that the five casinos in the state are already on board when it comes to it as a new law came into effect on March 9. Larrick told commissioners that he expects that the court will issue its decision in April.

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“We’re really looking forward to working with our partner casinos. I think we’ve really gotten ahead of the curve. We’re out there first.”
The bill signed by Governor Jim Justice would allow sports betting at local licensed casinos, as well as Lottery Commission-approved mobile device apps. The legislation says that 10 per cent of gross receipts will be collected by the state, while it also states that bettors would need to be at least 21 years of age to engage in that activity.
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